Wedding Ideas – Ceiling Decoration

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Here is a Wedding Idea and some advice from the people at The Knot and their blog.

When you have picked out your venue make sure you use the height of the ceiling to your advantage.

Linked picture from The Knot Blog

Here they have used the high ceilings to create an amazing hanging garden effect. Very impressive. As technology advances the options available when it comes to lighting are growing. Smaller batteries and brighter lights all adds to the possibilities.

When I meet with a client and we discuss lighting for the dance floor the height of the ceiling is a major consideration. To me, lights are a tool I use and not something that should over power the room. I am always proud of how my Dj equipment does not stand out in the room and by the compliments I receive. Here is an example.

Photo credit Nick Murray Photographer

Photo credit Nick Murray Photographer

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